Today we announced the Class of 2016 awards at The World Founder Forum in Stockholm Sweden.  10 teams from the class were awarded $100,000 each, 4 teams were awarded $50,000 each and 26 teams were awarded $10,000 each. 

Each year we select teams with big ideas from universities in North America and Europe to join our 8D company building program.  And this year our friends at **KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology** sponsored us for the event.  Thank you to everyone at KTH, especially Lisa Ericsson, My Klint and Malin Luuke who organized everything.  

Our Class of 2016 hail from 45 Universities, 9 countries and more than 20 different industries including space technology, life sciences, mass customization, agriculture 2.0, industrial sensors, robotics, digital health and genomics. 

The ten $100,000 teams are:

* **Akanocure Pharmaceuticals**: Nature inspired cancer therapies (Purdue University)
* **AlphaSheets**: Cloud-based financial modelling (MIT)
* **Audacy**: Space-based Internet (Stanford University)
* **Building Radar**: Geo-opportunity analysis (Center for Digital Technology Management,  Munich and London School of Economics)
* **Civil Maps**: Intelligent big data driven maps (University of California Berkeley)
* **Dramatize**: Streaming Bollywood worldwide (Harvard Business School)
* **ICEYE**: Radar-based satellite imaging service (Aalto University)
* **LocoRobo**: Learning programming through robotics (Drexel University)
* **SUN Bioscience**: Organoids as a service (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
* **Symbio Robotics**: Software for industrial robotics (University of California Berkeley, University of Southern California)

The four $50,000 awards were presented together with **Cisco** who has been a corporate partner and donor to  Piotr Pluta, Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs in Europe co-presented the awards with us.  He is a big champion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.  

The $50,000 award teams are:

* **Biocarbon Engineering**: Industrial scale reforestation (University of Oxford)
* **BioInspira**: Airborne chemical detection (University of California Berkeley)
* **Cambridge Bio-Augmentation**: Platform for interactive prosthesis (University of Cambridge)
* **Rorus**.: Water purifiers for natural disaster relief (Carnegie Mellon)

Our $10,000 award winners are:

* **Additive Rocket Company**: Light weight propulsion engines (University of California San Diego)
* **BeamLine Diagnostics**: Real-time diagnosis of pre-cancerous biopsies (University College London)
* **Blocks**: World’s first modular smart watch (Imperial College London)
* ****: Sharing economy connecting passionate locals willing to make a discover their city with tourists from all over the world (ESCP, Ecolé Centrale Paris)
* **Cevotec**: Industrializing the manufacturing of advanced carbon fiber parts through robotics (Center for Digital Technology Management)
* **Deekit**: Cloud based white board canvas for collaboration (Tallinn University of Technology)
* **Desaia**: Software for the design and creation of large 3D virtual worlds (TU Berlin)
* **GiveVision**: Software suite that powers smart glasses and act as eye for the visually impaired (University of Oxford)
* **Gravity Sketch**: Sketching in 3D using augmented reality (Imperial College London)
* **Havenly**: Sharing economy connecting interior designers with customers who want to transform their spaces (The Wharton School)
* **HeySuccess**: Marketplace for international internships and other student programs abroad (Tallinn University of Technology)
* **LaserX**: 100 Gbit/s optical communications for nano/micro-satellites (MIT)
* **ManoMotion**" Real-time 3D gesture tracking and analysis software (KTH)
* **OpedSpace**: Credible, digestible, peer-to-peer insight on what’s going on in the world for young professionals in different countries (Harvard Business School)
* **peerCast**: Real-time spontaneous streaming service with your closest connections (KTH)
* **Poly6**: Transforming the global plastics industry with a novel sustainable plastics technologies (MIT)
* **rankmi**: Software for employee leadership skills, development (UCLA)
* **Rubbee**: e-bike conversion kit for the masses (Kaunas Technical University)
* **Sandbox SEF**: Sharing Economy service for enterprise research (MIT)
* **Serket**: Drug adherence solution for consumers and pharmacies (University of Cambridge)
* **Spoiler Alert**: Sharing Economy service for food waste (MIT)
* **Tern**" Sustainable water solutions (Drexel University)
* **Transcense**: Digital Health solution for hearing impaired (University of California Berkeley)
* **Unite Genomic Solutions**: Big data service for genomics discovery (University of California Berkeley)
* **Vendri**: The world''s first intelligent media engine (The Wharton School)

We're looking forward to a great year with the Class of 2016!