"No doubt, the experience with the, the student network, 8D program and other young movers and shakers out to change the world helped me to pursue my passion and start my own company as an associate."

— Jennifer Rostami, Purdue University
caption imageJennifer Rostami represents at Purdue University

Be a Technology Leader on Your Campus

Campus associates are’s representative at their university. Associates discover and support the best ideas on campus, bringing our financial, educational and mentoring resources to young innovator teams who want to build world changing companies.

Matt Bressler

Right: Matt Bressler is a associate for The Wharton School

Associate spotlight: Matt Bressler

Matt Bressler from Wharton School became a associate in 2015. Here is how he describes his experience over past 12 months: “ empowers its Associates to find and support the best startups at their school. My experience taught me how to play the role of a VC while meeting the next generation of entrepreneurs. The Associate program gives you three amazing networks: a team of seasoned Silicon Valley leaders, the next wave of entrepreneurs from top Universities, a support network of fellow Associates committed to growing the startup ecosystem. The contacts (and friends!) I’ve made last far beyond graduation.”

Johnny Bowman

Left: Johnny Bowman represents at Harvard Business School

Life of an associate

Associates keep the entrepreneurial beat going and immerse themselves into the startup community. Johnny Bowman from Harvard got hired by one of companies while working as an associate: “For any student interested in startups, finding quality startups to learn from is the first and hardest step. Luckily FOUNDER did the work for me. As an Associate I met 50 startups and now work for one of them, Edenworks, as their CFO/COO. I owe FOUNDER big time.”



Meet the associates

Rémi BouzelEcole Polytechnique
Hayden CardiffInsead
Brady ChungUniversity of California at San Diego
Nigel CoelhoDrexel University
Simone CollinsUniversity of Cambridge
Etienne DejoieÉcole Polytechnique
Jack DentHarvard University
Daniel DiazdelcastilloDrexel University
Helen FanUniversity of California Berkeley
Céline GaucheyColumbia University
Lamise GhaliaThe University of Edinburgh
Akshay GoelInsead
Jimmy GuoCornell University
Dan IsazaStanford University
Vanessa JalakasTallinn University of Technology
Angela JiangHarvard University
Alec JohnsonThe University of Edinburgh
Joseph KahnHarvard University
Maximillian KayeColumbia Business School
Udit KhannaINSEAD
Fabian KiechleTechnische Universität München
My KlintKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Queenie LeeNorthwestern University
Wendy LinHarvard University
Quintus LiuUniversity of Cambridge
Moses LoUniversity of California Berkeley
Simon MaierCDTM
Alexander MartiniUniversity of California at San Diego
Branden McintyreUniversity of California Berkeley
Sean MoshrefiUniveristy of California at San Francisco
Johannes MüllerCDTM
Paulius NezabitauskasKaunas Technical University
Meera ParatUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nikita PatelUniversity of Pennsylvania
Jack PhillipsUniversity of Oxford
Yarkin SakucogluPurdue University
Sebastian SandbergChalmers University of Technology
Maximilian SchmiedelHamburg University of Technology
Joseph ShonkwilerMIT
Michal SimonUniversity of Southern California
Mahan TourkamanKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Ken VeskiTallinn University of Technology
Mark WhitingCarnegie Mellon University
Andrew WilkinsonUniversity of Pennsylvania
Victor WongUniversity of Cambridge
Chuchu ZhangUniveristy of California at San Francisco
Meghan ZubradtUniveristy of California at San Francisco
Pranav PrabhuImperial College London
Sneha JainImperial College London

How to become an associate

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"The FOUNDER team pushed us from the beginning to dream bigger, take more risks and challenge the ophthalmology industry. Now our mobile device is delivering instant digital vision correction to patients in first world and developing countries."

- Yaopeng Zhou, Smart Vision Labs
caption imageYaopeng Zhou of Smart Vision Labs, the digital ophthalmology company