Near-realtime imaging service for safety critical applications, based on a constellation of imaging radar microsatellites. The first market to penetrate is Arctic shipping and offshore.###High stakes operation? You probably want to protect it.ICEYE can provide remote monitoring of your operational area with satellite and airborne instruments. Your crew will have a rapidly updating view of the overall situation in areas covering hundreds of square kilometers.###Time and distance are money? Route efficiently with up-to-date knowledge.In shipping or fleet management, choosing the proper routes through ice or terrain can result in large savings in delivery times and fuel costs.###Tough weather? No worries.ICEYE’s imaging radar technology works through clouds or weather. The monitoring continues through the rough times, when it’s needed the most.###Too dark to see? No worries.The imaging instrument sends it’s own energy, so no illumination by sunlight is required. Images taken in the night will look exactly the same as those taken during daylight hours.###And more…Check our [website]( for more, or drop us a message.