Poly6 Technologies

Poly6 is seeking to transform the global plastics industry by driving the commercialization of novel sustainable plastics technologies.Over 598 billion pounds of plastic waste is thrown away into the environment each year. An overwhelming majority of this plastic waste will remain in the exact form in which it was introduced into the environment for hundreds or thousands of years. Furthermore, a significant amount of the plastics that are used industrially are derived from petroleum-based precursors (consumable resources).While plastics constitute a tremendous environmental problem, they also afford an immense economic opportunity. The global plastics industry is growing at a rate of 3.2% per year and is projected to reach $575 billion/year by 2017. Poly6 provides a sustainable, biodegradable plastics solution to a global environmental problem. Citrene, a citrus-derived, biodegradable plastic, was invented by Poly6 co-founder Keith Hearon in 2012, and Poly6 is seeking to commercialize Citrene for use in a number of industrial applications. Very little disruption has occurred in the plastics industry since its inception, and Poly6 possesses a disruptive technology, through which we hope to transform the landscape of the global plastics industry, and in doing so, literally change the face of our planet.